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water bongs

I’ve met a lot of people in my time and what I have learnt is that everyone has radically different opinions. Some people can be very arrogant with their views while others are open to ideas. I’ve done a lot of advertising for suppliers of bongs in the past and after talking to them I was a little shocked to find out how truly huge the market is out there when it comes to buying bongs. Now just because I did not know this previously, I did not dismiss what I was told. I looked for the facts and I could in fact see how many manufacturers specialised in bongs and paraphernalia alone.

After hearing so much I started to think. It is well known how many people out there smoke weed, even out in public you see people doing it. So why wouldn’t there be a big market for this stuff. After researching online I noticed many websites that offered help for those joint smokers who wanted to buy a bong, you can click here to see an example or read more here.

What advice I offer

As someone who has switched from joints to bongs, some what religiously, I can advice you to start doing the same ASAP. The nasty hot smoke produced by a joint is trash to the creamy smooth hit a bong delivers. Thanks to the water filtration of the pipe you can start inhaling cool smoke rather than hot, so you can imagine the difference. When you eat food that is hot it can be hard to enjoy the taste as the temperature takes over. It is the same with herb smoke, you can really appreciate your weed when you can taste it. You’d be suprised at how tasty the smoke can be. Granted you do tend to run out of herb faster but for me it is well worth it.

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