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Where to locate your glass bongs

Now here is a question my readers ask me quite a lot. They’ve seen some cool glass bongs being used on YouTube and they’ve fallen for the charms of the pipe. I don’t blame them, I use to have quite a thing of them too! (as you may know, I am more into edibles now). Well I find it important that my viewers find a solid website with good service to for fill their needs. For those reasons I am going to recommend you to buy glass bongs online at bong-hits.com, or give the bongs at lemonsmoke a browse. I’ve used a few websites in my time and whilst some were better than others, these two just really stood out to me and gave me a good all round service.

If you rather seek out your own shop, let me give you a few guidelines to watch out for.
Ensure that the shop has reviews from real customers, check the dates they were left to ensure they weren’t all left on the same day. Check the review site is legit too.
How long has the shop been trading? Can you find them on a business listing?
Here is an important one, online payments. They must be safe, secure & encrypted. Paypal will not accept this niche of business, so you are left with a very limited choice and the last thing you want to happen is have your card details stolen.
How many bongs do they stock? Many people would rather order from a larger online shop. If there is only a selection of 20 or less then are you really going to get a good service?

There is a lot of potential problems when you buy bongs online, so I suggest you check out the links I dropped as I know they are good.